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The Investment Specialists at Lincoln Crowne and Company Make Deals

September 18, 2019

The founder of boutique investment firm, Lincoln Crowne and Company Pty. Limited, is Nicholas Assef, who still serves as the firm’s Executive Director. He is also a Senior Analyst and in that position he sets the tone for everyone else at the firm. The people who work with Lincoln Crowne and Co tend to be ranked among the best negotiators in the business, and that is by design. Face it; clients can go anywhere to get the basics; when they choose a firm as advanced as Lincoln Crowne, they expect something greater and they get it.

For example, Lincoln Crowne likes to use negotiation tactics and strategies that are based on “game theory” to get the best possible results for clients. They also can capably handle joint ventures, partnerships and mergers and acquisitions and they are also highly skilled with other areas, like developing solid growth strategies, shareholder rights, and strategic due diligence. Lincoln Crowne and Company is well known as a highly accomplished firm stocked with investment banking specialists in the Australian and South East Asian markets, even though they can make deals wherever their clients wish. The key to the firm’s overall philosophy is based in their belief that clients come first.

This makes sense, since no one hires a firm like Lincoln Crowne and Company to get the basic service they can get elsewhere; clients have a specific objective in mind and it’s up to the professionals at Lincoln Crowne and Company to give it to them. Lincoln Crowne has built up a large stable of investment professionals over the years, and all of them have a lot of experience and expertise in many diverse areas of business.